sooo sad....

At the moment I am without a camera,...ahhh....

the cam I had was the the cam of my boyfriend and HIS BROTHER.
he came to pick his cam and I DON´T KNOW WHEN HE WILL COME TO GIVE THE CAM BACK.....
I´m afraid this could take a long time. ( I had the cam for a year I guess...)

So the brother took the cam saying "I will come back this evening...."
and now it´s 3 days ago.3 days and it makes me so sad that I can´t take pictures.
unfortunately I am so dirt-poor and can´t affort an own cam.


so the only cam I got is a creepy pen cam ,but you only can take LOMO picture with it.
look what I saw yesterday

I don´t know when I will be able to take new good quality craft pictures.


  1. Oh I know this little red octopus LOL !! I sale it it my store department in Ikea Belgium LOL !!! Have a nice weekend ! Smooches

  2. thanks for the hint,I had no idea that this is from Ikea.


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