TUTORIAL " painting plates "


-porcelain paint, I used some from Hobby Line, water based
-porcelain paint, clear , for a final varnish to protect it from knife cuts,water based (read the
instruction! has to be the same baking time as the color ones)
-porcelain outline pen, with a fine point
-Q-tips and tissues
-a fine brush
-a white porcelain plate or something else

1. wash the has to be free of grease and dirt.

2. stir your outline pen well and do some test drawings.
--important--paint only the border of the can disturb your painting with a knife...

I know it´s difficult to draw clear lines- but you can easily remove the stroke with a wet Q-tip or tissue. then try it again.and let it dry a bit.

3. Fill out the motif with the brush and the colour.You can also mix the colours.
I used white and red for the pink birds. And let it dry.

4. Now it depends on how you worked- I usually fix some outlines.

5. Now it´s time to give the motif a varnish. Use the clear colour and paint it thick inluding the
outlines.And let it dry about 4 hours.

6. place the plate in the cold oven and turn it on to 160 °C. for 90 minutes.

Now the painting is waterproof and dishwasher usable.But take care with the knife.

p.s. this will happen if you don´t read instructions.the clear varnish had a baking time
of 30 minutes.and I burned it for 90 minutes.
So please use a clear varnish with the same baking time.

I hope this was useful
--wish you a happy painting!--


  1. Thank you so much!! You´re great and your job is lovely!!

  2. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!!
    I am happy that you enjoyed it.

  3. Beautiful! I had the idea that I wanted to paint my own espresso cups, and your tutorial will work. Thanks for taking the time to post this!

  4. thanks!
    I think it´s a great idea to start with a small cup!!

  5. Hi that is a great tutorial, I have added a link from my blog

    Tanks for sharing


  6. Great Tutorial! It have to try! Thanks!!!

  7. Anonymous5/9/07 11:27

    This was amazing! Thanks thanks and thanks over and over again! This will help make my brother's birthday priceless!

  8. :D
    good luck on the first try !!

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  10. I can't wait to try this out for myself!

  11. Hi!!! I really love this tutorial, thank you so much for posting. I was wondering though... are the paints food safe? I am on the hunt for a paint I can use to paint/customize my own dinnerware. :)

  12. :) thanks!
    yes, the paint is food safe, but
    they recommend not to paint the dish where you cut with the knife.

  13. do you have links to where you purchased these same materials? ive been searching for them based on your images and im not sure if im finding the best products, id rather get what youve used here.

  14. Thanks for uploading! your whole blog is very nice!

    I was serching for these paints and pen, but I can't find them.. :\

    can you tell me please the names of the products you've used?

  15. Hi Dori,
    the products were made by Hobby Line.
    (I only bought what I saw in the local shop) It was important they were water-baised.
    here´s an example for another color company:


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