strawberry bag

strawberry bag, originally uploaded by bloodybunny.
this is the best bag I ever made ....
I really love this bag, but I will sell it.
(I added it to my etsy shop - for only 1 week.)
the listing expired... you came too late ....
if you can´t live without one ... if you want to order one - send me a message


  1. ach bloodybunny, warum machst du immer so scheene sachen, so werden sich deine finger nie erholen, hihi. ich würde ja glatt 2 bestellen! was heisst, würde. sind sie hiermit!! :) grüsslis mike

  2. :p

    wenn ich so auf meinen plan gucke,
    gibt's wohl erstmal nur diese hier.

  3. dann ist die eine mein! YIPIEHH!

  4. Anonymous3/6/07 11:18

    hello! i like the strawberry bag so much!! how much does it cost?and how long do you take to make one?

  5. i love this bag! how big is it? if it is the right size i'd love one.

  6. hello,
    it´s listed in my etsy shop:

    if you have further questions,
    don´t hesitate to ask.

  7. This bag is sooo cool! :)
    How much euros does it cost? let me know, i'm very interessted! :)

  8. This strawberry bag is BRILLIANT! How do I order one from you, how long will it take, are you still making them? I hope so!
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  9. hello Laura,
    thanks for your nice comment.
    I listed a starwberry bag for you in my Dawanda shop:


  10. Anonymous5/7/08 21:08

    that is the cutest most beautiful bag i've ever seen!
    your really talented.
    i was just wondering do you follow a pattern or is it completly your own design?

    thanks xxx

  11. oh, thanks so much!
    I tried some drawstring pattern in order to learn how to DIY.
    This bag is the result of learning by pattern and designing by myself.

  12. update: I listed a strawberry bag to my dawanda shop

  13. Thanks for your strawberry bag...
    I made onelooking at yours....
    but not for sell, its for my daugther....

  14. Hi, I reaaly love your bag, my daughter is trying to make a strawberry bag for her school exam and wants to know if the red part was made of one piece of material or in several pieces, any advice would be greatly appreciated:).

  15. Hi!
    the red one are 2 pieces.
    good luck!

  16. Anonymous5/8/10 17:03

    I need one of these bags !! how much and please please make me one!
    Nicola x

  17. hello Nicola,
    sadly I have no time to make one at the moment.
    I recently moved and there are thousand things to do.
    But I will make one in the future!


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