shop update

shop update, originally uploaded by bloodybunny.
I added some new towels to my dawanda shop.

and I made something new- a mushroom you can cuddle or
kiss or just use it as a deco object.

shop here dawanda or here etsy

mushroom update


  1. girafette3/2/08 22:50

    Hi !
    month after month, I like (love) more and more your work ! ^^
    are you interested about a swap with me ? :)

  2. hello girafette,
    thanks so much !!
    of course I am interested in doing a swap, but can we wait a bit please?!
    I must first finish some old trades.

    I send you a message when I am ready, okaaaaaaayy?!

  3. Girafette4/2/08 16:51

    Youhouu !! Cool ! :)
    No problem, I will wait...
    I need time too to creat some items specially for you ! I'll send you a mail right now to know some little things !

  4. Your mushrooms are outstanding! Always love all your stuff.

  5. thanks for your lovely comment myra !

  6. Awwwwwww! They're so cute and perfect. I love the pink stripey fabric you've used underneath and they're really well sewn. Impressive :) It's also a bit spooky- I've just crocheted some mushrooms and went over to m.patrizio where I saw mushroom cards. February must be a mushroomy month!

  7. thanks charlie p. ,

    and YAAAHHHH for mushrooms :)


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