my wish: a place for my spools.
inspirations: I found some nice racks (placed on the wall), but I wanted to store them dust-free.

So I came to the idea to build my own spool box with drawers.


you need:

-Ikea Mini chest “FIRA”with drawers, (I chose the 5 drawers version)
-wood glue ( I used express glue)
-wooden pegs / 50 pcs => size fits your spools (I took 5mm)
-wood driller => size fits the wooden pegs (I took 5mm)
-drill machine
for the outside:
-white acrylic color
-cute paper napkins
-soft brush
-napkin glue

1.) measure the space between your spools. I wanted space for the large spools and the middle ones. The distance between each spool is 4,5 cm in height and 4 cm in width.

Draw marks with a pencil.

Make sure that the wooden pegs fits your spools.

Drill little holes into the bottom of the drawer. Use wood driller that fits your pegs. If you break through the bottom, because it´s so thin - that´s o.k.!

2.) put wood glue into the holes and at the bottom of each peg. Stick them together and wait until it´s dry.

3.) Paint the outside of the cheat with white acrylic colors. Let it dry. Paint several layers, it should be completely white.

4.) Prepare the napkin. I decided to cut bigger parts and cut them afterwards.

Remove the white layer on the backside.

The napkin is maybe too short for a drawer. Then you have to cut tileable parts.

5.) paint the front surface of the drawer with a thin layer of napkin glue.

Then carefully lay the napkin in position and push it gently to the front surface.

The little punched holes of the napkin must be removed. Let it dry.

6.) Paint several layers of napkin glue,each layer should dry enough to go ahead with the next one.

7.) Rotate the drawer 180°, the front surface on the desk.

Now grab your cutter and cut the overlapping napkin area. Cut along the ruler like edge.

8.) Paint one more napkin glue layer.

9.) Do the same with the other drawers.

10.) Now you can put your spools into the drawer.

I have space for 45 spools in one drawer. And needed more space !!! So I made the same with the other drawer, but only the half one. The other space is for my bobbins box.

11.) et voilà!! :)


  1. Brilliant!

    Great idea and I adore the napkins you chose!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. super! sieht echt toll aus! und die servietten ribbeln sich nicht gleich wieder ab?

  3. Hallo Julia,
    die Servietten kleben bombenfest!
    Die Front kann man sogar feucht abwischen.

  4. ingenious and lovely!

  5. this looks so good, what a brilliant idea! I love it, the colours are just gorgeous.

  6. Serviettentechnik in schön. Tolle Sache.
    Ich kenne nur das Durcheinander von Garnspulen im Nähschrank meiner Mutter.
    Genial einfache Lösung die Idee mit der I*ea-Kommode. Und mit den Servietten vorne drauf.
    Total schön.
    Begeisterte Grüße aus Köln


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