my first denim

This was a "sewing-weekend".
I have sewn a jersey shirt for a cute little lady from leftovers. I still had some fabric left and added a big baggy hat.

So far so good ! BUT ... maybe I could make a complete outfit. A trouser?! 
I grabbed an old jeans that was waiting for a new life. And started with a pair of jeans.

I used stuff I usually never use, like woven ribbon. I have so many ribbons and I never use it...and I don´t know why.

Or hollow riveting, I only used this once. And I like those details!

 My first combo with a serger and my sewing machine. Yeah, it´s much nicer to have a crisp and clean serged rim.

 I never sew such heavy fabrics with my sewing machine. 

And I love my Bernina so so much. 6 layers of jeans ? Pfah, no problem!

Well, I just wanted to give a little preview and I can´t share the result. The little lady, ... hello :) 

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